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    Video & Inbound Marketing Professional

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    I love helping people communicate their message to those who need to see it most.

    In my career, I've been lucky enough to have the opportunity to build service lines, manage high-pressure production pipelines and help businesses build relationships with customers through digital content.


    Whether it's social media, written blogs, infographics or dynamic video stories, I'm passionate about telling great stories through the right medium.


    I have a range of skills in all aspects of marketing and video production, and am versatile enough to take on any role needed to strategically communicate. I'm glad you're here, so take a look at my detailed experiences below!



    Content & Video Marketing Specialist II 

    Mar 2016 – Present

    My role is to create engaging written and visual content for the purpose of digitally marketing a portfolio of clients. I regularly meet and communicate with my clients to understand their marketing needs, set their content marketing strategy, and communicate successes and challenges related to their campaigns.

    We use a variety of marketing skill sets including creative content, SEO, and social media promotion to generate traffic and leads to our client's businesses. Our work is backed by solid data and Google analytics to ensure they're meeting goals and we're making a positive impact on their brand.


    - Increased inbound marketing engagement by 20 - 90% for all clients.
    - Established BigWing Video Services, generating nearly $50,000 in the first year.

  • Past Experience


    Product Marketing Manager & Copywriter

    July 2014 - January 2016

    Created new product marketing strategies for Sales Enablement and B2B, clarifying customer communication through writing and editing articles, landing pages, video scripts and storyboards.


    • Grew Pluralsight's Creative YouTube channel engagement by over 30%
    • Targeted individual users through diverse social marketing campaigns via Facebook, driving users to follow our page and sign up for our services.
    • Wrote content marketing articles for the B2B market, informing users about the benefits of our services.
    • Managed the production of Pluralsight's newsletter with hundreds of thousands of subscribers.


    Production Manager and Motion Graphics Designer

    July 2009 - July 2014

    Throughout my three years in this role I played a major part in improving our video output from 12 courses released per month to over 35 courses released per month, an increase of nearly 200%.


    • Managed the production pipeline for the website from raw video to live on site, with over two years of flawless daily releases.
    • Edited and fixed video issues for a team of over nine authors, reducing their production time by 20%.
    • Kept over 10 terabytes of video and course data organized and easily accessible.
    • Ensured error-free copy on all video introductions, titles, descriptions and course information.
    • Worked with content acquisitions to help our contract video authors deliver the best video content quality possible.
    • Edited hundreds of hours of video content in After Effects and Premiere Pro, from splitting and combining video files to resolving errors.

    A sample selection of my marketing and creative works.

    B2B Downloadable Guide

    Learn how to implement video training to revolutionize your classroom’s learning speed.

    Video Ad

    BigWing Connect enables your small business to interact with local audiences.

    Blog Article

    We researched the key benefits and downsides of using an action sports camera as a dash cam.

    Video Content

    There's nothing more refreshing than a veggie salad with perfectly ripe ingredients.

    Blog Article

    Proven tips to making this a successful school term for you and your creative students.

    Video Ad

    We use our team's masterful digital marketing skills to shine the brightest light on your business.


    Many wonder if this American icon is still made in America. Is it really an American vehicle?

    Blog Article

    Downtown OKC and Bricktown are ideal spots for weary business travelers looking for rest.

  • Recommendations

    Hear from peers that I have worked alongside.

    Grant Boudon

    Experience Strategy

    Pluralsight / Digital-Tutors

    Chris was an absolute pleasure to work with everyday and brought our team a lot of different skills that the job required. From project management to copywriting to social media ideation to company-wide product communication, Chris found to a way to be an asset in every situation. He asked the right and tough questions and was always well respected and a pleasure to work with.

    Chris was also a great steward of our company and culture, many times going beyond his normal work responsibilities to take on projects that made our office such a great place to work.

    Brent Pittman

    Former Inbound Marketing Director


    Chris is a digital marketing unicorn. I worked with Chris for nearly 2 years at BigWing as both his manager and director. Chris is truly a marketing unicorn and excels at marketing strategy, copywriting, video production, and more.


    He has grown video at BigWing to become a profitable product of the business. Chris holds both a strong technical ability as well as a creative mind—this blend makes him a dynamic digital marketer that understands how to execute creative content ideas.


    I would have no hesitation to hire Chris in the future and wholeheartedly give him my recommendation.

    Chris Glick

    Former Product Director

    Pluralsight / Digital-Tutors

    It was always easy to assign something to Chris because you can count on him to learn it quickly and execute it well. At some points during production he was managing a pipeline publishing a dozen videos daily.


    Even after giving him an aggressive goal to meet he happily organized and went to work. He is able to not only organize the details of his current project but also to take a longer view to see if there are any upcoming issues.


    I would unequivocally hire him for any video editing, production or marketing job.

    I'm always open to new and exciting opportunities and freelance projects.

    Oklahoma City Area

    Open to Remote Work

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